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Low Cost Animal Medical Center opens in Gert Town –

WDSU March 28, 2017

Low Cost Animal Medical Center opens –

WWL TV March 22, 2017

Pet project: Low-cost veterinary clinic offers creatures comfort –

The Advocate June 12, 2017


'Whenever I'm taking my pets to a new vet, I always want the experience to be exactly like what happened when I walked into this clinic. The staff was amicable and caring. My little dachshund was happy to be there and felt the positive energy. They doted on her which made her feel extra special. Everyone we encountered was knowledgeable and willing to be of assistance. Overall a great place with *amazing* prices; I genuinely look forward to going back (for non-emergency visits)."

"Great addition to the neighborhood. New Orleanians LOVE their pets and this place just made loving them all the more affordable. Yay and Yay!!!!!!

Setting an appointment was easy as the appointment hours are vast and extend to Saturdays.

Entering the facility is tricky because the entrance door is ON THE SIDE OF THE FACILITY. Basically, you enter from the parking lot. The friendly security guard maybe outside to greet you as enter.

The lobby is large and pet friendly; pets CAN SIT ON THE CHAIRS!!!! Sunshine LOVED this!!!!!

Wait time to see the vet techs & the vets is minimal. By the time I got settled, it was time to head to the back for the examination. The examination is handled in a manner that even the most skiddish pet SHOULD feel at ease; but we know most pets 'dont do vets'.

The vets & techs speak & explain in terms that are understand to the layperson... Yesssss.

Pricing is fair and they explain options available to you; each situation is different.

Checking out and leaving is just as easy as checking in.

This place is a quick, easy & affordable option to mainstream vets & their pricing."

"Awesome experience over at low cost. My dog usually hates going to the vet. The minute I walked through the door I was greeted warmly but most importantly my dog felt at home. These ppl are doing wonderful things and o wish they ultimate success. We need people like you in our community! I will definitely be going back and from now on ! Thank you for everything wonderful staff"

"I was skeptical about the quality of care my animals would receive at this clinic. However, with the number of animals I have, I needed to investigate low cost options. My initial contact was on the phone. The receptionist was pleasant and was able to give my dog anappointment within a week. The clinic is easy to find and has plenty of parking. I was greeted immediately upon entering. By the time I filled out the information sheet the vet tech was ready to get him weighed and then ushered us into an examination room with another vet tech. The vet techs asked some questions and took a blood sample to test for heartworm. I had to wait more than 15 minutes before the vet came in but she was worth waiting for. Dr. Marissa M? was really great. She got on the floor with my big boy and gave him a thorough exam. She personally adminstered the vaccines and made sure all of my questions were answered before they took him back for a nail trim. The also completed needle biopsies on a couple of growths he had. The Vet and the techs did all of this while loving on my dog and making sure he was as comfortable as possible. The pricing was comparable to the LASPCA but much cheaper than most animal clinics. Overall, I was very happy with all of the staff and the level of care my animals received. My only complaint is that they do not handle emergencies and conduct limited surgical procedures. Having senior dogs I know I will eventually need a clinic with more extensive services but for the time being I will be bringing all of my pets here."

"I went with my elderly neighbor to take one of her feral cats who was sick. Unfortunately, Tommy was sick and needed to be euthanized. The staff - especially Bianca the vet tech - were superb, the best veterinary service I've experienced in NOLA. Bianca handled a very sad moment with great care and professionalism. She even made paw print cards and clipped some hair as remembrances of Tommy for us.
This was my first visit to the clinic, but it certainly will not be the last."

"I visited this new clinic to have my senior cats looked at for a recent vomiting/weight loss issue they both were experiencing. I had to be extremely cautious about my budget so I wanted to minimize my costs as much as possible. Marisa was the veterinarian that saw me and understood my concerns for my animals but with with a very tight budget. She took her time looking over each cat and was very nice and personable with me and great handling the cats. I appreciate her not rushing to one diagnosis or test to get me in and out like most vets...She had a few ideas on possible causes but narrowed it down to one blood test instead of a full panel which would have inevitably been too expensive for me. The test was very reasonable in price and ruled out our main concern, which was hyperthyroidism. She suggested the issue was diet related, and gave specific, affordable changes in food type, portion, and frequency of distribution...I am happy to report that my cats are all better now! At typical vets for such a visit for both cats I would've been paying upwards of $200-300. My total bill was $115!! The clinic is very nice and clean, all their staff are friendly and courteous and there is plenty of parking. I am so thankful that such a clinic exists and provides superior animal care! I recommend them to anyone! 👍🏼👍🏼"

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